Best Secret Beaches to Visit in the United States p.2

In continuation from p.1 of this list, here is p.2 of the best secret beaches to visit in the United States!

David PeinsippSecond Beach, Washington

Although not much of an ideal summer getaway due to the region’s constant rainfalls and stormy weather, Second Beach is a wonderfully secluded place to enjoy picturesque coastlines and awe-inspiring natural formations. Surrounding the beach are various hiking trails and official campsites in thick dense forests.

David Peinsipp

Dry Tortugas, Florida

According to Emily Wasserman of Fodors, this idyllic little island is only accessible through boat or plane. The beach is located 70 miles off the shores of Key West and provide any beach-goer in Florida with some much needed rest and relaxation. It consists of seven small islands where individuals can swim, scuba-dive, and take a gander at the coral reefs and marine life living below its sandy beaches.

David Peinsipp

Enderts Beach, California

Enderts Beach is tucked away in Redwood National Park. The beach provides beach-goers with 37 miles of coastline surrounded by 350-foot evergreen trees. Enderts is not the prettiest beach, but much like Second Beach in Washington, it provides individuals with captivating ocean-front views from idyllic, lush forests.

David Peinsipp

Awahua Beach, Hawaii

Awahua Beach is beautiful as it is eerie. The isolated beach was once a leper colony, where those suffering from leprosy were forcibly removed from civilization. Today, the beach remains less developed than other parts of the island chain. You can only reach the coastline via hiking trails through the island’s various cliffs and valleys. Definitely take a minute to enjoy the area’s breathtaking views.

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