Stay Connected with these Great Travel Apps

Summer is here and that means it’s time to book your tickets to a your favorite (or undiscovered) travel destination. Although some hope to disconnect from their smartphones and tablets, other choose to have it in their travel utility belts. Whether it’s recording something on a livestream, or tracking your travel route with world class maps, today’s apps can act as real nifty travel gadgets for the modern traveler. Below is a list of some of today’s best travel apps to accompany you on your trip. So make sure to have your smartphone on hand next time you’re globe trotting.


These social media video apps help you interact with friends and followers from around the world. Periscope allows you to stream and broadcast live on top of whatever mountain peak you’ve finished climbing. Friends and followers following you can comment and “like” whatever you’re broadcasting. Snapchat posts pictures and videos for your friends and followers to see. These apps are great to keep your friends and family close to you on your global journeys.


CityMaps2Go helps you navigate your way through whatever chaotic streets you may be wandering. According to Forbes, this app has maps and guides of over 7,000 destinations from around the globe. The app also allows you to pre download maps and guides onto your phone, a useful feature in case you’re not connected to the internet.

XE Currency

Currency conversions can get pretty confusing. Instead of walking around with a calculator everywhere, XE Currency allows you to convert every world currency right on your smartphone. Enough said.

Bravolol/Google Translate

You’re stuck in a foreign country, and you don’t know the language. This is a classic problem for world travelers. In case you forget your dictionary or phrasebook at home, these apps will certainly help you communicate better with friendly locals.

Time Out / Goby

Time Out and Goby are your go-to apps to find events and popular locations around you. Both serve as great directories for events, places, and festivals that may be occurring around the city.

“With coverage from Accra to Amsterdam, Edinburgh to Singapore, the app covers everything from bars, restaurants, attractions and events,” reports the Guardian.



Flight Delay? Or maybe it’s a long layover. For whatever reason you’re stuck in an airport, GateGuru is your best friend when familiarizing yourself in airport’s terminals. According to U.S. News, the app provides you with maps of the terminals, along with ratings and reviews of food locales.

Free Wifi Finder

Everyone in the tech savvy generations has felt it; that feeling of helplessness when you have neither service nor internet connection. Free Wifi finder helps you find the nearest free wifi hotspots around you in case you’re disconnected from the internet. The app is great when desperately needing to get in contact with someone.

These apps will surely make you think twice before disconnecting yourself when travelling abroad. Happy Travels! If you liked this post and would like to read more on travelling tips, check out my twitter @dpeinsipp for more. Thanks for reading!