Your Guide to the 2016 Rio Olympics

You missed out on Carnival, but that’s okay. The coming 2016 Rio Olympics should give you a good taste of Brazil and some of its best wonders. It’s certainly going to be hectic, hosting games throughout various sectors of Rio de Janeiro, a city of about 6.32 million people.

If you’re thinking about travelling down to South America for the event, just make sure to plan your itinerary accordingly. If you haven’t done the work yet, don’t worry, we have you covered. Below is a quick guide to the best that the Rio 2016 Olympic games has to offer. Welcome to Rio De Janeiro, “Cidade Maravilhosa.”

Four Central Zones of Activity: Barra, Copacabana,  Maracanã and Deodoro.


The Rio Olympic games will be centered around four particular zones within the city. The first and probably the most popular will be Copacabana. Who hasn’t heard of Copacabana Beach? Brazil will be making full use of Copacabana’s natural beauty and perfect beaches. The beach will be the site of beach volleyball, the triathlon, long distance swimming, and various boating events. Sambódromo, home of Carnival, will also be hosting archery.


The Maracanã section of Rio is home to the mythical, the spectacular, and the historic Estadio do Maracanã. The Maracanã is home to the Brazilian national football team, as well as home to the city’s two largest teams, Flamengo and Fluminense. The stadium will be hosting the opening and closing ceremonies, while the city’s other stadiums will host an array of football and volleyball matches. Because of this zone’s historic significance, it is the heart of Rio De Janeiro. You will want to visit this place.


The Deodoro section of Brazil will be hosting an array of field sports including equestrian, shooting, field hockey, rugby, whitewater rafting, Mountain Biking and BMX. Deodoro is home to Brazil’s largest military barracks, and home to some 60,000 military personnel. The city has built state of the art arenas and facilities for the Olympic Games.

Barra da Tijuca

Barra de Tijuca, or just simply known as Barra, will be the site of the olympic village. It will also be the site to various competitions, including: cycling, swimming, tennis, basketball, gymnastics and golf. The zone is considered one of the country’s most developed areas, responsible for almost a third of all taxes collected in the city. It has various gardens, shopping malls, sustainable developments and – not to mention – world class beaches.

Supporting Ecotourism

The 2016 Olympic Committee, the city of Rio de Janeiro, as well as the United Nations Environment Programme’s Green Passport Campaign are promoting responsible and sustainable tourism in these Olympic games. How ? O Passaporte Verde Campanha, or the Green Passport Campaign, encourages both tourists and hosts to undertake sustainable practices while the olympic games are occurring. This means turning off the lights before stepping out, practicing water efficiency, walking and biking from place to place, and reducing waste. Other tourism friendly practices like accommodating handicapped individuals and protecting children are also brought to the general public’s awareness.

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